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What you get with the Course

  • 47 Diatonic Harmonica Video Lessons

    Unlimited access with no expiration date; recorded on Teaching Pills Full HD Access. With a clear, direct and simple explanation. + 9 free video lessons. 58 in total.

  • 23 MP3

    Downloadable files of excellent quality, which will help you continue with your learning of the harmonica anywhere. Songs and technical information that you can easily follow.

  • 20 PDF

    Music scores with harmonica tablatures, schematics and diagrams. Concepts of music theory and complementary information that you can download to support your knowledge.


  • Diagrams and Dynamic Scores

    The method includes lively and synchronic diagrams, schematics and scores for the harmonica, in unison with what Marcos Coll is explaining and playing, so you can't get lost, and you can enhance your learning.

  • Knowledge

    If you're new to the music, this course will give you the skills and techniques to learn to play the harmonica from "zero". And if you already know how to play, it will give you the abilities and skills that will improve your sound with the instrument.

  • Personal Consultation

    Your questions and concerns can be directed to Marcos Coll, who will answer them and resolve issues through consultation within the course.

  • Clean and Modern Design

    The harmonica online course has a very neat, clean and modern concept of graphic design with compelling visuals that emphasize and facilitate understanding.

  • Share Experiences

    Through a network of discussion and the creation of a community of learners with whom you can share questions and have synergy, you can maximize your learning of the harmonica.

  • Advanced Harmonic Techniques, Tips and Tricks

    The course covers a lot of techniques, tips and tricks that will allow you to significantly improve your performance, as well as an extra lesson on the advanced technique of Overblow.

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Marcos Coll

At the age of 21, he had the opportunity of touring and recording with rock and blues legends like Mick Taylor (Rolling Stones ) or Buddy Miles (Jimmy Hendrix Band of Gypsies) and even did a blues gig with Tom Jones.

With his band "Los Reyes del KO" they have shared venues all over the world with all time greats such as Buddy Guy, Chuck Berry, John Mayall, Johnny Winter, Solomon Burke, the Animals or The Fabulous Thunderbirds.

In addition, along with his latin music band, Los Mighty Calacas, he has recorded with the legendary harmonica player Charlie Musselwhite, and has performed in concerts in several countries of Europe, America, Africa and Asia.

He has worked in Spain as a harmonica teacher in different music schools, and has conducted harmonica masterclasses and workshops in Spanish, English and German around the world.

Ultra Modern and Clean Design

The novel method of the harmonica HARP & SOUL, is designed with clear visuals and evenly distributed on a "clean" space, which facilitates the assimilation of the technical and practical concepts.

Marcos guides you step by step in a friendly and fun way. In this way the process of your learning the harmonica happens without you even realizing it. When you least expect it you will be playing and enjoying the harmonica and impressing your friends, colleagues and family.

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You will be entitled (as a member of our community) to receive coupons and special offers from other courses that will be launched soon, such as HARP & SOUL Latino.

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This on-line harmonica course does not have an expiration date.
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Learn the secrets of the harmonica.
Surprise your colleagues and family.

  • « This course is fantastic !! Learning to play a musical instrument is one area I never DARED TO TRY! I can't believe it! I'm learning to play the harmonica! »

    Elizabeth J. Student

  • « A great job, and a very complete course. I enjoyed a lot with Marcos lessons. »

    Nmrd Santi Teacher of music theory

  • « Great! Very well explained, and great presentation. »

    Julian Torres Student

  • « Fun Music Teacher I had alot of fun just watching this course and was introduced to cool techniques for playing the harmonica. »

    Jeremy Burt Student

Have a few questions? Of course you do!. We have the answers!

Where can I take the course?

The harmonica Course is On-Line and has a platform with all the resources at hand. It is made of video-based lessons in HD and is supported supplemental materials in PDFs and MP3s that are downloadable. In the graphic interfase of the course you have the option to write and take notes. You can make comments and contact other students in the course, as well as the Professor Marcos Coll.

How long is the course?

The harmonica course lasts about 3 hours including all content. It is recommended you go step by step, doing the exercises and gradually improving your use of the instrument. There is no set time to complete the course. You can go at your own pace and when you want. The online course does not expire. You can enter whenever you want and spend as long as you want. We recommend about 8 hours a week, so that you see genuine progress.

What do I need for the course?

You need a 10-hole diatonic harmonica (blues) with tuning in (C). We recommend Hohner harmonicas, but any other one with those features will do. Then you can buy another harmonica on another pitch, but basically for the course the diatonic (C) is sufficient. An Internet connection and a device such as a computer (PC), a tablet or even a smartphone to follow video lectures and download supplementary materials is also required.

Who is this course for?

HARP & SOUL is basically designed for two types of students: Those who start from "zero" and have no musical knowledge, and it is their first encounter with the harmonica. It will open the doors to the harmonica and offer a vast field to learn; secondly, it is for the people who already know the instrument and have a "medium" level. For these people, the course will open a way to improve their sound, discover new techniques, and receive many tips and recommendations that will lead to the next level of the instrument.

Can I request a refund?

The time for requesting a refund is 30 days. This policy is to ensure that if you start a course and are dissatisfied for any reason you can get a full refund of your purchase. All you have to do is send the email with the confirmation of your purchase and the reason why you want a refund. The easiest way to contact us is via email Harp & Soul.

Can I ask a question that is not answered here?

Of course, if you have a specific question you have not had answered in these FAQs, please send an e-mail to contact Harp & Soul, and we will answer you as soon as possible.

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